Spend Less Time Commuting, And More Time Making A Difference

it's time to consider Clark County

Working In Clark County

Clark County is the right location for easy access to work, home and fun. Those who live and work in Clark County have no commutes to speak of. Instead, they use their “drive time” to spend time enjoying friends and family, outdoor recreation, arts and culture, and our nationally recognized antique shopping.  There is also extra time to head to Columbus to see the Blue Jackets or Buckeyes, to Dayton to see a University of Dayton game or the minor league Reds affiliate, the Dayton Dragons. And, in just a few more minutes they can be at the Great American Ballpark or the zoo in Cincinnati, or slip across the river to the Newport Kentucky Aquarium. 


The Cost Of Leaving

Many who leave Clark County every day for work have not done the math on the true cost of leaving the county & commuting. It often means a lack of life balance that is easy to underestimate. Find balance, find a local job, and kill the commute.    


Consider Clark County

If you have been working outside of the County for years you may have given up long ago on the idea that a job equal to your current job exists in Clark County. If that is you, we want to invite you to consider Clark County again. Search jobs and see the opportunities that now exist. 


There’s A Job For You In Clark County

If you’re interested in working closer to home, investing more time in your community, saving gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle, there’s a job for you in Clark County. 

It’s time to put the “WORK” in live, work, play.


Build Something Here

There is an opportunity to build your career here. Working in Clark County allows you to have an active role in the community as an employee, parent, advocate and so on. You can build a more balanced life here.