Stay Local, Find Balance, Build a Life & a Career.

Staying in Clark County

Our students are the future of Clark County. When you make the choice to build your career here, you make the choice to invest in making Clark County a great place to not only work, but also to live. If there are things you would like to see change or become better, you have the opportunity to make the future you want to see.


Discover. Develop. Dream.

There is great talent in our community, and we want to be part of developing and retaining that talent by connecting local schools & local employers. We are pursuing this vision by partnering with educators and employers in our area to establish the use of career aptitude tests, job shadowing, internships, and more!

We want students to discover their strengths and aptitudes and learn how those connect to careers. We want students to develop their skills and talents. We want to see students dream about their future and how they can use their skills and talents here in Clark County.


Find Your Best Fit Job with YouScience

YouScience is a career aptitude test that assesses not just what you know but how you think, process, and problem solve using a series of brain games. YouScience does an excellent job of matching your aptitudes with careers that use those aptitudes. We can use your results to match you to local opportunities in our area. This will help you gain exposure to industries and careers that you may not have known about before! YouScience is the starting point for career conversations.

Students are encouraged to take the assessment once between 7th and 8th grade, and then a more in-depth assessment once during 9th-10th grade.

Click to visit the youscience website.


Here are a few videos to learn more:









Middle and High School Opportunities

If you attend a school in Clark County and are in the 7-12 grade, you are invited to participate in the Magnify Initiative which can help you discover your aptitudes for different careers, develop the skills you need to pursue a career, and dream about what your future can look like. This program will open the door to many opportunities for you to learn about different careers so you can find the one that is right for you.  

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Magnify for Students

Job Shadow

Job shadowing experiences are a great way for students to get a glimpse into an occupation. Job shadowing experiences are short term, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. During a job shadow experience, students will follow an employee and observe what he or she does during a typical day at work.

  • Available to 7-12 graders
  • Available year-round (scheduling depends on availability or organization participating)


Internships provide students with invaluable work experience. Students will gain experience and develop skills that will make them more employable. Internships are usually paid and typically last 8-12 weeks. Summer internships can be full-time positions while fall and spring internships will be part-time. In addition to the benefits of the actual work experience, students will gain a more with a full view of the employment process: creating a resume, job searching, applying, interviewing, and if offered a position, beginning a new job.

  • Available for 10 -12 graders
  • Must be 16 years old
  • Available year-round (scheduling depends on availability of organizations participating)