Become Part of Springfield’s Maker Culture: The Perfect Place for Builders & Creators

Become Part of Springfield’s Maker Culture: The Perfect Place for Builders & Creators Main Photo

4 Nov 2022


Clark County, Ohio is home to 157 manufacturing companies, each offering unique ways for creators and builders to grow their careers. “People don’t realize how much skill and creativity goes into modern manufacturing,” said Amy Donahoe, Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership. “There are incredible opportunities for people who like to work with their hands and build things either from a blueprint or to be part of the team that creates the designs. The opportunities are endless.”

At Fire Marine Innovations LLC, for example, team members work with fire departments to determine which tools they want on the truck, how they want to access them, and ways to make it easier and faster for firefighters to do their jobs. They design, fabricate and install on-site so there are career opportunities for people who have a vision and the creative skills to design something from scratch. 

For builders, Springfield’s manufacturing companies have so many different types of jobs there’s a fit for everyone. For example, we spoke with Eric, a welder at Cascade Corporation (a company that makes parts for forklifts) and he told us, “As a welder, I use raw materials and machine parts to weld metal together to create a finished product. It’s a self-directed job where I take blueprints and work to put things together.” If you grew up building legos, following blueprints to make a finished product could be your younger self’s dream job. It didn’t take Eric long to train for it either. “I completed my welder program in nine months and got a job right afterward.”

Gary, another Cascade Corporation employee, said, “I’m a fabricator. They tell us what needs to be produced that day. As a fabricator you have to be precise and follow the blueprints accurately. If you like to work with your hands, you may like being a fabricator.”



McGregor Metal Works is another Clark County manufacturer offering employees the opportunity to work independently and be responsible for the final product, something that appeals to employees like Tony Chapman. He said, “I’m a press operator so I control the press machine that takes raw steel and transforms it into final parts. I’m the first eye on a product when it’s completed and am responsible for making sure there are no errors before sending it to the customer.” When asked if manufacturing was a good career, he said, “Being in manufacturing has allowed me to build a career and support my family, buy a house and a new truck. I would encourage students who like working with their hands and are mechanically inclined to pursue a career like mine after high school.”

If you already live in Springfield, you know that this is an awesome place to live. Our downtown has been revitalized and there is so much going on from new restaurants to music and shopping. If you’re new to the area, consider this, “We’re a very family-oriented city, from our local events to the focus on youth sports and programming. We are a great place to raise your kids and put down roots,” said Mike McDorman, President & CEO of the Greater Springfield Partnership.

As for job opportunities, Clark County’s manufacturing sector is expected to continue growing at a rapid clip. Manufacturing is a growing industry. 4.6 million more jobs will be needed in manufacturing across the United States in the next decade, but only half of those jobs are projected to be filled. So, if you’re looking to start your career, or move to a new career, consider working for a manufacturing company in Clark County, Ohio. Start your job search here.