Gas is Expensive. Stop Commuting & Save Money by Working Clark County

Gas is Expensive. Stop Commuting & Save Money by Working Clark County Main Photo

2 Aug 2022


Gas prices have been high this summer and that’s leading many people to reconsider their commute. For those looking to keep more of their paycheck, working in Clark County provides an easy answer. “There are so many companies in Clark County. You can have an incredible career here, and in a wide variety of industries,” said Amy Donahoe, Director of Workforce Development. “From manufacturing to technology, sales, management and healthcare - all industries are represented here.”

There are several advantages to working closer to home. In addition to saving money by reducing what you pay on gas, spending less time in the car results in having more time with family and friends. “A lot of people are tired of sitting in the car when they could be at their kids sporting events, enjoying dinner with friends or working out at the gym. Many of the people we speak with are leaving jobs in Dayton, for example, in order to have more time at home,” said Donohoe. “Afterall, a 60 mile commute one way equals 20 days in a car each year. That’s a lot of time you could spend having fun.”

Fortunately it’s easy to find a job in Clark County. is a website created by the Greater Springfield Partnership to help people find jobs and careers in Clark County. Thousands of jobs have been created in Clark County over the past decade, so if you’ve looked in the past, it’s time to look again. 

“Springfield has always been a manufacturing hub but people don’t realize we also have a large healthcare and service sector, in addition to professional and office jobs at all of our growing companies,” she said. Examples of current job openings include:

  • Registered Veterinary Technician
  • Federal Programs Specialist 
  • Director of Nursing Programs 
  • Instructor
  • Bank Teller
  • Mechanical Assembler
  • CDL Driver
  • Assembly Production 
  • Senior Controls Engineer
  • CNA

Some Clark County jobs also come with a signing bonus. For example, Adecco is offering a $6,000 bonus for their Honda Assembly Production.

Save Money. Pay Less in Gas by Working in Springfield

Having more money could be as easy as working closer to home and reducing what you spend on gas. With so many jobs open in Springfield and Clark County, now is an excellent time to make the move. 

Plus, when you live here and work here, you get to play here. Springfield has a vibrant downtown with a lot to offer including diverse restaurants and shops. Excellent parks and the community center make it easy to enjoy recreational activities too. 

You can enjoy all that Springfield has to offer so start your search by viewing current job openings