High School Internships Turn Into Exciting Careers in Greater Springfield

High School Internships Turn Into Exciting Careers in Greater Springfield Main Photo

20 Jul 2022


Kara, an Administrative and Technology Specialist at Imperial Express in Springfield, started her career in high school, thanks to Springfield’s robust internship program. As a high school junior, Kara began taking classes at Clark CTC for the Engineering and CNC Program. During her senior year, that program allows for students to receive credit for working as an intern - something she did for Imperial Express. 

“The most impactful aspect of my mentorship was working with my mentor, the owner of Imperial Express - Dale Briggs. He took the time to teach me the skills I needed to be successful within this company,” said Kara. 

Kara’s story didn’t end with the internship. She was offered a full time position at Imperial Express.  “In the past four and a half years, I have used skills that I didn’t even know I had. I developed an app, integrated our systems so we can access devices remotely and have tackled other challenging projects,” she said. “I found out that I want to study business through this experience. Imperial Express has a tuition reimbursement program so I am continuing my education and getting it paid for by working here.”

Like Kara, Amanda found her career in high school. During Manufacturing Day she toured Woeber Mustard. “I am now a line leader at Woebers and really like my job. During my senior year of high school I toured the facility and liked how they operated. I applied right after graduation and was hired as an entry level product associate and have already been promoted twice,” she said. 

What Kara and Amanda discovered is that there are meaningful career opportunities in Greater Springfield and you can start during or right after high school. “You don’t need a college degree for many of the jobs that are available within our community,” said Kendra Burnside, Talent and Education Coordinator for the Greater Springfield Partnership. “It’s possible to start your career and earn good wages right away. Then, if you want to continue your education like Kara, many of Springfield’s employers offer tuition reimbursement. Essentially that means that college costs way less and you are earning money at the same time. It’s a win-win.”

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